Powered by Waterworth Program with the National Rural Water Association

Water tower with Powered by Waterworth text
Water tower with Powered by Waterworth text

In partnership with

Waterworth, in partnership with the National Rural Water Association, are pleased to announce the Powered by Waterworth program.

Through this program, rural or community water and wastewater systems of participating state-level rural water associations will receive discounted access to Waterworth’s online platform, as well as technical support and training from state association staff.

Our collective vision is to improve the financial sustainability and resiliency of resource-restricted water and wastewater systems across rural America.

The Powered by Waterworth program began as a pilot project with Matt Holmes, CEO of the NRWA, in 2018, and after another 2 pilots, the program was deemed a success. A key pilot participant, South Dakota Association of Rural Water Systems, went on to become the first official Powered by Waterworth rural state association.

Given the economic impacts of COVID-19 and their disproportionate effects on smaller systems, this program could not have come at a better time. The National Rural Water Association’s Impacts of COVID-19 Emergency Survey found that of the 4,915 water and wastewater utilities surveyed, 49% have lost revenue due to the pandemic, with bill collection down an average of 22%. 

It is our hope that rural water systems who are members of participating state associations take advantage of the Powered by Waterworth program to change that projection. With this in mind, Waterworth is also offering free access to this program for the first 3-months. Following that term, pricing is set at $1 per service population per year, capped at $3495 per year.

“South Dakota Rural Water’s mission is to help water and wastewater utilities attain and maintain financial sustainability. We accomplish this through specialized training and on-site assistance. Waterworth allows us to focus on long-range financial models, including areas pertaining to capital investment, cash reserve policies and rate setting. This powerful modeling tool helps us create more sustainable and resilient water and wastewater systems!”

How it works

  • 3-months free access

    Receive  3-months of complimentary access to Waterworth. No council or board approval necessary.  No strings attached if you choose to quit after 3 months.

  • Easy setup

Work with State Association support staff to develop a baseline financial model in just 2 hours using easy-to-collect information.

  • Scenario modeling

    Do you know what cash flow issues could be coming down the pipe? Build variations off your baseline financial model to explore scenarios, for example, what impacts COVID-19 might have on revenues and need for rate adjustments.

  • Better Conversations = More Efficient Decision Making

    State Association support staff can provide assistance in presenting model findings to elected officials. Waterworth’s powerful and dynamic visualizations get everyone on the same page.

  • Continue or cancel – your choice

    After the 3-month free trial period, you may choose to continue with a Waterworth annual subscription for $1 per service population per year, capped at $3,495/yr.

  • Limited availability

    This offer is available for a limited time and to a limited number of systems! First come, first served.

How to sign up

Water or wastewater systems: Contact your State Rural Water Association and inquire if they are participating in the Powered by Waterworth program.

State Rural Water Associations: Contact Waterworth to inquire about participation.


  1. Wes

    Congratulations on your partnership with the NRWA.

    • waterworth

      Thanks for your support, Wes!

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